Idioms You Didn’t Realize Were About This Flesh-Melting Heat Come hell or hot weather.

essay about a beach All dressed up and nowhere to sweat.

ancient egypt essay A fool and his sunscreen are easily parted.

follow Ice cream truck songs speak louder than words.

see url A house divided into three windowless rooms cannot stand the heat.

thesis justification study Sweat off more than you can drink. Between an ice pack and a hot face.

ortho 777 online without a prescription A leopard can’t change his fur coat, but you can. Get that thing off your body. All bugs — and all bite.

go site Keep your eye on the flies. Go jump in the lake. Please. It could save your goddam life.

education help homework Ice is thicker than water.

follow Humidity killed the cat.

follow link Don’t be a wet blanket. Just pass one over.

go here Trash day by any other name would reek as horribly. Always a sunburn, never a tan.

watch Let the cat out of the bag — it’s dying in there.

goals in life essay An 88 oz. water bottle a day keeps the doctor away.

buy essay online us Saved by the pool.

go to site Best thing since sliced popsicles.

go Home is where the AC is. Over my dead body – this heat literally killed me and you’ll have to step over my actual corpse to get anywhere sry.  

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