20 Meaty Conversation Starters To Fill The Awkward Silence Between You And That One Coworker

useful content Despite your social accolades and genial workplace reputation, you are completely stymied by that one co-worker who does not feel your vibes. Use these irresistible convo starters to turn your silent lunchtime ritual with Duds McGee into a tasty buffet of dialogue.

1. Do you believe sandwiches are inherently good?

2. What sandwich were you born in?

3. Are you a morning sandwich or a night sandwich?

4. Do you speak any other sandwiches?

5. What is your most embarrassing sandwich?

6. Do you have sandwiches for this weekend?

7. What sandwich made you the person you are today?

8. Where do you go to stare reflectively into the distance and contemplate sandwich?

9. What was your best Halloween sandwich of all time?

10. Tell me your life story in sandwiches.

11. What are your goals for next sandwich?

12. Do you believe in life after sandwich?

13. What would you do if you only had 24 sandwiches left to live?

14. What did you score on the Sandwich Achievement Test?

15. Have you had any supernatural sandwiches?

16. What is the highlight of your sandwich so far?

17. What is your favorite literary sandwich?

18. Do you want little sandwiches of your own some day?

19. What three sandwiches best describe your personality?

20. What is the meaning of sandwich?

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