Nancy Drew Mysteries For Adults

The Curse of the Negligent Landlord

go here How much evidence does Nancy’s landlord need before he fixes the leak in her roof?

The Hidden Car Keys Ugh, Nancy is going to be late to her dentist appointment if her sleuthing skills don’t kick in soon.

The Password to the Ex’s Netflix Account

high school research paper ideas Nancy’s free trial is over in 48 hours — can she crack the case, or will she have to re-do her budget to accommodate the outrageous monthly fee?

The Mystery of the Unwashed Dishes

essay editing jobs philippines While Nancy swears it wasn’t her, zero eye-witnesses have come forward to claim that she has ever been spotted near a sink.

The Sign of Aging

go here Yearning for the days of her supple youth, Nancy considers entering the mysterious realm of vitamin shops, personal trainers, and age-defying creams.

The Missing Bobby Pins Nancy has a big date. Where the f*** are her bobby pins?

The Secret of the Absent Roommate

enter site Nancy either has a roommate who is never around, or she’s sharing her apartment with a ghost that is extremely punctual with rent payments.

The Stolen Bike

homework helps Nancy’s bike got stolen, but no one cares because literally everyone has gotten their bike stolen at one point or another.

The Quest for Life’s Purpose

here While the college debt and failed relationships pile up, the trail has gone cold as far as Nancy’s life worth is concerned.

The Expired Coupon

romeo and juliet essays on fate Nancy has extensive knowledge of forgery techniques: will she use her skills to save 15 percent on office supplies? Probably not. She’s still a total narc.

The Strange Message in the Health Insurance Update

enter site Nancy has never doubted her literacy skills until a mysteriously worded letter arrives in the mail. She hopes to decode the message before she is overcharged.

The Mystery of the Tolling Alarm That You Hit Snooze On Too Many Times To Delay The Inevitable Pain Of What Life Has Become

writing strands This is truly a psychological thriller if Nancy has ever been involved in one.

The Case of the Manspreading Mansplainer One of Nancy’s most heinous opponents to date will have you reading with a flashlight under the covers — while your heart thumps and your blood boils.

The Roach in the Crumbling Wall

see url The negligent landlord is back at it again with the same tricks. Will Nancy have to pay for an exterminator out of pocket, or will the landlord follow the terms of the lease?

The Phantom of Regret

paper helper Falling asleep used to be one of Nancy’s favorite activities … until she sensed a heavy, crippling presence emerge in the darkness and snatch her ability to slumber.

The Crooked Bannister

testing hypothesis statistics example Goddammit, it’s been almost fifty years, and Nancy still hasn’t fixed that bannister.