10 Things You’ll Never Guess About Clickbait

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2. Clickbait attracts fish by reminding them of their childhood and drawing them toward your hook using a strong sense of nostalgia.

3. If your clickbait keeps falling off your hook, consider adding in some strong action verbs or eye-grabbing adjectives for better sticking power.

4. Some fish prefer live bait, but clickbait works best for those who prefer their bait to be dead inside.

5. Clickbait is ideal for saltwater fishing because the salt water mixes right in with the tears evoked by the powerful message you’ll never guess.

6. Any fish you catch using clickbait will cook poorly because it never bothered to learn any proper cooking skills from its hardworking parents. What a mooch.

7. You’ll be able to tell if you’ve gotten a fish to bite because you’ll feel a tug on your rod and another tug on your heart.

8. There’s no need to spend extra money on fancy clickbait! Even the cheapest lure will work just fine for your purposes.

9. Clickbait is environmentally friendly, but make sure to wash your hands to rid yourself of any germs or moral accountability

10. You can reuse clickbait within a few hours of its first use, even if all the fish have seen it already and are totally sick of it. After all, something is bound to bite!

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