Professional Development Seminars That Will Keep Teachers In One Piece Until The Next Holiday

Teaching is not a walk in the park or a cakewalk or a stroll of any kind. In fact, teaching is one of the most exhausting, marathon-like jobs known to humankind (animals also know this to be true). Help the teachers in your school make it another mile with these hydrating, nutrient-rich, moisture-wicking seminars.   

find out Physical and Emotional Health

  • Healthy Foods You Can Slide down Your Gullet During the Inexplicably Short Lunch Break That You’re Probably Working Through
  • What You Can Punch (Safely and Quietly) When an Administrator Asks About Updating the Bulletin Boards
  • How To Take a Real Sick Day: Drop the Grading Pen, You Filthy Animal
  • Balancing Your Diet at Work Using Only Vending Machine Offerings and a Handful of Miscellaneous Coins
  • Ensure That You Never Swear Out Loud, Despite the Raw Foam of Emotion Churning Inside You

can you buy Lyrica over the counter Maximizing The Work Day 

  • How to Remove Coffee Stains from Any Fabric Using Office Supplies You Keep at Your Desk
  • Best Locations and Times for Weeping During the School Day
  • Tips for Teaching Rigid and Questionable State Standards Without Compromising Your Actual Soul
  • Defense Against the Evil Machinations of a Rogue Copy Machine

cytotec france Highly Effective Time Management

  • Looking Fabulous at Work If You Only Have Time to Do Laundry Once a Month
  • Hiring Woodland Fairies to Grade and Organize the Mountain of Papers You Dragged Home
  • Grading During REM Sleep: A First Year Teacher’s Guide
  • How to Create Time Loops That Extend Your Weekend Without Disrupting the Fabric of the Universe

General Empowerment 

  • How to Think, Speak, Dress, and Teach Like a Hogwarts Professor
  • Mic-Dropping Comebacks to Use On Relatives and Acquaintances Who Completely Misunderstand Your Profession
  • Composing Your Theme Song: Celebrate and Commemorate The Heroic Greatness That You Embody Every Damn Day

If you are a teacher (or know a teacher) who could use a few more laughs to make it through the day, check out this Teacher Resource Packet.


  1. trixi Reply

    I want to sign up for all of these seminars at a fee of two thousand each. Unless your fees have increased. Also put me down for: How to Dress For Success From the Unwashed Reverse Laundry Pile.

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