Professional Development Seminars That Will Keep Teachers In One Piece Until The Next Holiday

Teaching is not a walk in the park or a cakewalk or a stroll of any kind. In fact, teaching is one of the most exhausting, marathon-like jobs known to humankind (animals also know this to be true). Help the teachers in your school make it another mile with these hydrating, nutrient-rich, moisture-wicking seminars. follow site see url watch buy professional reflective essay on donald trump cover letter for banking center manager cialis reviews chemistry lab report example go site arugmentative essay macbook pro touchpad right click not working goldsmiths creative writing society write my paper co enter viagra testimonials follow url how to delete all inbox mail on iphone 6 professional creative writing writers for hire for phd advertising good bad essay readbookonline netessays get link paper mache layout follow viagra ebay source link Physical and Emotional Health

  • Healthy Foods You Can Slide down Your Gullet During the Inexplicably Short Lunch Break That You’re Probably Working Through
  • What You Can Punch (Safely and Quietly) When an Administrator Asks About Updating the Bulletin Boards
  • How To Take a Real Sick Day: Drop the Grading Pen, You Filthy Animal
  • Balancing Your Diet at Work Using Only Vending Machine Offerings and a Handful of Miscellaneous Coins
  • Ensure That You Never Swear Out Loud, Despite the Raw Foam of Emotion Churning Inside You

Maximizing The Work Day 

  • How to Remove Coffee Stains from Any Fabric Using Office Supplies You Keep at Your Desk
  • Best Locations and Times for Weeping During the School Day
  • Tips for Teaching Rigid and Questionable State Standards Without Compromising Your Actual Soul
  • Defense Against the Evil Machinations of a Rogue Copy Machine

Highly Effective Time Management

  • Looking Fabulous at Work If You Only Have Time to Do Laundry Once a Month
  • Hiring Woodland Fairies to Grade and Organize the Mountain of Papers You Dragged Home
  • Grading During REM Sleep: A First Year Teacher’s Guide
  • How to Create Time Loops That Extend Your Weekend Without Disrupting the Fabric of the Universe

General Empowerment 

  • How to Think, Speak, Dress, and Teach Like a Hogwarts Professor
  • Mic-Dropping Comebacks to Use On Relatives and Acquaintances Who Completely Misunderstand Your Profession
  • Composing Your Theme Song: Celebrate and Commemorate The Heroic Greatness That You Embody Every Damn Day

If you are a teacher (or know a teacher) who could use a few more laughs to make it through the day, check out this Teacher Resource Packet.


  1. trixi Reply

    I want to sign up for all of these seminars at a fee of two thousand each. Unless your fees have increased. Also put me down for: How to Dress For Success From the Unwashed Reverse Laundry Pile.

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