6 Wizarding Start-Up Ideas for Hermione to Invest In

It’s no surprise that the wizarding world is behind on technology — they use owls to deliver their mail and quills in their classes instead of computers. Seriously, want to impress a wizard? They would probably trade you their wand for your smartphone. Honestly, they’d think that Siri was an all-knowing spirit or something.

To help the world of Harry Potter catch up with the digital age, we’ve decided to pitch some start-up ideas, creating technology that catered to everyday magical life. Presumably, Hermione could embrace her Muggle roots and become not only the smartest witch of her age, but the richest, too. You go, girl.

official site 1. Floober

Sometimes you need to get somewhere quick, but a lot of millennial wizards don’t own their own houses, much less houses with fireplaces. That’s where Floober comes in. The app pulls up a map of local fireplaces in your area, and for a small fee, wizards can use those fireplaces. Just be sure not to need Floober during peak times — surge pricing will make you wish you had apparated instead.

http://benderized.com/rUFO3>0Dcw 2. Broomshare

You get to a new city and want to explore, but you left your broom at home. Broomshare is for you! For a low monthly or annual membership, you can pick up or drop off a broom at convenient locations across a number of different cities. You don’t have to worry about broom maintenance, and you can use the broom for as much time as you want! Now that’s magic!

cytotec bucaramanga precio 3. Expedia Patronum

Traveling as a wizard can be complicated. Where will you stay? How will you get there? How much is it going to cost? It can be a hassle to search for the best price. Enter: Expedia Patronum! This service is as simple and as safe as summoning your patronus — all you provide is the basic information of when and where, and the website searches all of the different options for you. The next time you want to go to Norway for a Ridgeback safari, this is your one-stop, Dementor-free shop.

4. Wandr

It’s completely unclear how wizards and witches meet each other right now if they didn’t just get married to their significant others from school. But for the discreet wand wielder who wants to meet other singles in their area, Wandr is the perfect dating app. Just be careful, there are a lot of creeps out there — if someone’s written, “No fats, no squibs,” they probably aren’t worth your time.

5. Spellify Premium

Spellify, the free version of Spellify Premium, provides a seemingly unlimited catalogue of spells to try — but the ads are really obnoxious. How many times do you want to hear the same sound bite about STI (sorcery transmitted infections) prevention or dragon egg donation? Spellify Premium cuts out the ads, and makes the whole experience a lot nicer.

6. Devil’s SnareBnB

Staying at a hotel is so last century. Devil’s SnareBnB is the best way in these modern, post-Voldy times to find a unique place to stay. Not only does it allow wizards and witches to stay in other magical homes across the world, but it offers all sorts of mystical amenities, including cauldrons and rooms of requirement (and house elves, if you’re into that sort of thing … ). Many houses are pre-approved for fantastic pets as well, so you can bring your threstrals and hippogriffs with you. So if you want to go see Ilvermony for yourself, book a cottage or a castle nearby!

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